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Shorts weapons produced by M.R.NEW SYSTEM ARMS and the recommended arms of others constructors

NEW SYSTEM ARMS invented and produced many models of short guns. We have automatic pistols, with fixed barrel, gas operated, inertial system, esitation blowback, etc. in calibre 9x21, 40S.&W., 45 HP, 9mm Far, 10 mm Far.
Besides they include in their production one shot pistols, revolvers and some prototypes for a short automatic gun very particular. This weapon garantees maximum safety. When you squeeze the trigger the first time the shell goes automatically from the magazine to the barrel and the pistol shoots.Then it acts as a normal pistol, in case of jamming it ejects the shell case wich has not been shoot and it continues to fire with the others. When the sequence has stopped, the chamber remain empty.
What we realize are some single pieces for collector or some prototypes to industrial production.
For defence market, range and collection, we custom and select for you among the best products in the world, considering the safety and the assurance of the gun.
Don't forget that the pistol is your life insurance in case of combat, for this reason you have to make a choice with extreme care and technique knowledge.
We are at your disposal to give you the best advise and our wish is that you will never need, but, just in case, that you would have the best equipment with you.



Smith & Wesson


COLT 1873






Smith & WEsson 45


sauer p 226 crimson trace

Tanfoglio mod. RAPTOR

SIG. P 210

Tanfoglio ERIC







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