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cucciolo, il revolver più grande del mondo
Marco Rigido con "Cucciolo",
il revolver più grande del mondo



NEW SYSTEM ARMS invented some innovating systems of arms.

"In theendless space of human mind, where imagination and genius have a meeting, shoots the originality which creates the inventions".
This is the explanation of the way how an invention starts or, in other words, it is the wish of non-conformism, the mainspring that pushes to carry out in a new way an objetc, different to the other which has been done before, to obtain some better performances.
M.R.NEW SYSTEM ARMS is born with the precise intent to build new investions in the arm sector, without for this reason renouncing to the big patrimony of technology of arm till now known.
Among the more important inventions we can remember: automatic pistols with fixed barrel, with a big calibre, running as follow indicated:
3 gas operated for mechanical opening
2 gas operated for closing esitation
3 with inertial blowback
2 esitation blowback for case
2 mechanical repeating pistols
2 pistols with action mixed mechanical and automatic
5 new closing system for big shot receiver guns, one shot or express
2 new closing systems for translating guns
2 new closing systems by cannon
2 new closing systems by bolt action
1 new system of release for automatic weapons
1 assault gun
1 research about magnetic arms
1 research about electric volley arms in the distance
3 research for not letal arms
7 thypes of bulles for wild boar hunting
1 new system to draw strong lbr bow
1 new system for loading arms by muzzle
1 new system of bedding stock.
The NEW SYSTEM ARMS studies and carries out some protothypes of new weapons on demand.

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