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Custom weapons are normal guns, made by others constructors, that we transform as an unique example, to satisfy custom's demands.
We can operate on mechanical parts, on triggers, on burrels, to make your gun more practical and precise, we can do operations on stocks (with or less substitution of them), we can work on dynamics of the small of the butt and on balancing, to make the weapon suitable for your body, for your hunting way or shooting. We make also custom special finishing. Some refined engravings change your gun in an unique example, artistic, of big value, intrinsic and personal.
The weapons are:
side by side
over and under
Automatics shotguns
Kipplauf single shot
side by side rifle
over and under rifles
shot gun combination rifles
bolt action rifles
falling block rifles
automatic rifles
It's up to you to choose how you want to make custom your gun.
If you already have a weapon,
made by anybody, we can adapt it to your necessities.
Write us an e-mail or phone us to have an estimate.

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