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12-03-2013 New trajectory compensating for all weapons


The new trajectory compensators, or mounts optics, which have adjustment for the fall of the projectile at various distances.
Allow to have the weapon calibrated for example at 100 meters and in a second vary the calibration on another distance eg 400 meters or more, and be able to return to the calibration of 100 mt. or always switch to other distance in no time. All without acting on the turrets of the telescope.
The advantages are obvious both in hunting, which in the sport of long distance shooting.
The two models are:
Model "Hunter" makes a quick disassembly of optics and features adjustable bullet drop up to 1000 m.
The model "Competition" is always detachable and in addition to the bullet drop compensation up to 1000 m. also has lateral adjustment right and left. With this model the lens can be adjusted even if he lacked turrets.
These two mounts optic can be mounted on most rifles for sale





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